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Managed Investment Schemes Tasmania
Rural communities, towns and services continue to be decimated as Corporate Managed Investment Schemes create an unconscionable advantage for the Plantation Industry.

Bob Loone
Deputy Mayor
Meander Valley Council

Fully tax deductible so-called “investments” generate about $1B profit per year for the MIS Forestry Plantation Corporations enabling them to purchase thousands of farms.
The “Investor” gets to lease some land with trees on, for around $10,000 per hectare and pays ongoing costly “maintenance fees”.
Historically it ends up as a nightmare experience for the “investor” while the MIS Corporations continue to amass huge land ownership portfolios.
Governments have deliberately created these Schemes to be instrumental in the transfer of the land from farmers to giant corporations. It is called the corporatisation of Australia’s farmland.
Competition between MIS forestry plantation corporations for more land, drives up land prices making it impossible for farmers, who haven’t any tax free “investments”, to compete. Even though agricultural production is on average a seven times more profitable land-use, it is being systematically replaced with unsustainable, non-agricultural, low value inefficient pulpwood trees.
As more and more land is bought up by MIS Corporations (about 1000 of the approx 4500 farms in Tasmania have already gone), there is a subsequent decline in the States economy. Regions lose economic viability, health and educational services, rural supply and support business, shopping facilities and social cohesion.
If it wasn’t for the “tax avoidance” and “heavy subsidisation” afforded the plantation industry, it would not survive.
If the plantation industry had to pay a fair price for the excess groundwater which is depleted from surrounding areas at the same expense as other users, they would not be viable.
If the Federal Government were to remove the $B subsidisation given in the form of tax exemptions, this national disaster would not continue to increase exponentially.
MIS forestry plantations remove excessive quantities of ground water from surrounding areas causing serious losses for other land users. MIS forestry plantation corporations should be made to pay for the huge quantities (about 300% compared to farming) of extra water they take from catchments.
The New Democracy
Andrew Bent
A story of how a group of interested executives created a plan to make ‘instant millions’ courtesy of Australian taxpayers, and how governments are complicit in supporting a social engineering scheme that threatens our food supplies, our rural communities and shatter regional tourism income while exposing our economy to severe threat.

M O R E . . . . . .
A waste of time
Barnaby Drake
Despite these ten very obvious and profound differences, the Council and the planners can see no disparity between trees and potatoes.
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Protection of Agricultural Land (PAL)
Policy Review Comment
Deputy Mayor - Meander Valley Council

The Reviewed PAL Draft Policy is now even worse than it was before, and is loaded with unacceptable implementation draft guidelines. It will continue to achieve the opposite to that of its stated PURPOSE. Indeed, it is designed to deceptively force councils and communities into accepting ongoing production loss, and unsustainable land use associated with MIS plantation forestry. MIS plantation forestry causes many ongoing community losses and impacts. Some of those impacts include loss of local land ownership, economic viability, social decline, water loss and contamination, air pollution, stress and health etc. For some years people have expressed serious concerns, now those concerns are obvious and widespread among the general public M O R E . . . . . .

7-30 Report - Managed Investment Schemes Under Scrutiny 10/06/2009
"It's pretty harrowing when people say you will get hurt and they know where your family is..."
"This was one of the greatest financial rorts that has ever been promoted by a government."


REF:-  “Review of  Taxation Arrangements for the Plantation Forestry”
Submission from:- Robert Belcher, Director and Chair Sustainable Agricultural Communities Australia Ltd. (SACA) July 2006